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Innovation forged with audio-visual passion when a man named Rob DeHart had an idea that would revolutionize the health and fitness industry.   


It is often said that the best ideas, imagined by the brightest minds, all begin with love. An idea that would drastically improve the day-to-day life of the person whom he loved more than anyone would start Rob on a journey that would lead to opening the doors of AV Now Fitness Sound back in 1994 as President.  


Rob’s wife was a teacher during the day and spent evenings as an aerobics instructor, which caused constant strain on her vocal cords. He knew a thing or two about wireless microphones and sound as he spent 15 years as a Sound and Light Show Creator & Performer and applied his knowledge. 


The constant strain was alleviated by amplifying her voice; however, the current microphones were not designed for the everyday use of a fitness instructor.  Rob knew it had to be functional, lightweight, durable, produce clear audio, and be entirely sweatproof.   


Rob headed to multiple industry trade shows with an entrepreneurial spirit to gain data directly from gym owners, managers, and fitness instructors. The feedback received was brought to a manufacturer to develop a solution to create and combine products that would meet the needs of his future customers.  What grew from there was AV Now, supplying audio, video, and lighting equipment to Health and Wellness communities throughout the US. As time passed, entities such as Higher Education, Houses of Worship, Corporate, Hospitality, and Government facilities reached out to AV Now to help with Integration and Installations. Mission accomplished! 


Today, we have kept this same philosophy and continue to raise the bar in innovation, inspired by conversations with our customers to further enhance and develop contemporary designs and combine products that contain the features you need to operate and grow your business with ease.  Our motto is to keep it simplified for our customers, offer unsurpassed support, and know that you are backed by a company that cares.  


Let us know your story , and we will create the best solution for your business. To enhance your experience with AV Now Pro, we want you to know that you are a part of our family when you engage with us, and we proudly provide understandable answers and creative solutions.  

We look forward to partnering with you on your next project, big or small. 

The AV Now Pro Team

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