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Commercial Pro AV Equipment

At the most basic level, you'll need speakers and microphones to amplify sound and ensure everyone can hear. However, if you're planning on live streaming your event or recording it for later viewing, you'll also need mixers and other audio-visual equipment. Fortunately, many companies specialize in providing audio and visual equipment for events of all sizes. AV Now Pro can help you choose the right speakers, microphones, and mixers for your needs and budget, and we will help ensure everything is set up and working properly before your event begins. With our help, you can be confident that your live presentation will succeed.


If you're looking to upgrade or add audio and visual capabilities to your commercial business, you'll need to consider a few things.


First, you'll need to decide how to design the system.

  1. Will you be using speakers, microphones, PTZ cameras, live streaming devices, broadcast production systems, commercial displays, or some combination of these?


  2. Once you've decided on the components, you'll need to take a detailed look at each aspect of your AV setup.


  3. How will the technology be used in the room or facility?


  4. How would you like to control the audiovisual system?


  5. What type of live-streaming device, if any, will you use? 


Numerous processes go into the overall design of an audio or visual system and the individual components chosen for your commercial application. Feeling overwhelmed? We can help!


We’re constantly evaluating and inspecting tech products (including their reputations, warranties, values, and features) to ensure each client gets exactly what they need for their commercial business application. Quality, reliability, and ease of use are all key factors in our recommendations.

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