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If you're looking to upgrade or add audio and visual capabilities to your church or house of worship, there are a few things you'll need to take into account. First, you'll need to decide how to design the system. Will you use speakers, microphones, mixers, live streaming devices, broadcast production systems, video screens, or some combination of these? Once you've decided on the components, you'll need to look at how each part is used in the space. How many channels will your mixer have? What type of live-streaming device will you use? Numerous processes go into the overall design and the individual components chosen for your House of Worship AV system. Feeling overwhelmed? We can help!


A big part of the process revolves around equipment selection—we’re constantly evaluating and inspecting tech products (including their reputations, warranties, values, and features) to ensure each client gets exactly what they need for their House of Worship AV. Quality, reliability, and ease of use are all key factors in our recommendations. We also consider each House of Worship's unique needs—for example, a house of worship with a large sanctuary might need a different audio setup than a smaller chapel. No matter the situation, we’re experts at designing and installing AV systems that will meet the needs of any House of Worship style, type, or size.

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