Distributed Audio vs. Performance Audio: Which Audio System is Better for Commercial Business

Distributed Audio vs. Performance Audio: Which Audio System is Better for Commercial Business

Have you wondered which audio system is the best for your commercial business application? There are two main types of systems to choose from, distributed audio and performance audio. Both systems have their benefits and drawbacks, and in this blog post, we will explore the differences between them and help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re an IT professional, manager, user, or facility owner, this post will provide vital information to help you make an educated choice.

Distributed Audio System
A distributed audio system is cost-effective for facilities looking for crystal-clear audio coverage but does not need higher decibel or volume levels. A central control unit or Digital Signal Processor sends the audio signal to multiple speakers throughout the room or building. The result is a lot of smaller or less powerful speakers strategically placed throughout the facility to offer balanced or complete coverage of the audio in the zone or area. Typical applications of this system include background music in retail stores, audio for conference rooms, and background music for a fitness facility.


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Performance Audio System
Performance audio systems are typically used in more extensive areas, House of Worship, concert halls, or Group Fitness Rooms. These systems offer unparalleled sound quality and higher levels of acoustic coverage by using more powerful loudspeakers. These types of speakers direct the sound to specific areas in the room, allowing for optimal coverage of the entire area. Performance audio systems require professional design and installation and, as a result, come with a higher price tag. However, they will deliver an improved sound experience to your customers, positively impacting your business and bottom line.

Compatibility and Integration

Before choosing between a distributed or performance audio system, you should consider the type of applications you want to use the audio system for. Distributed audio systems are built for quieter applications and easily integrate with existing speaker systems. On the other hand, performance audio systems produce much more impactful results but tend to be more costly due to needing more reliable and louder speakers and amplifiers.

Considering both systems' costs before investing in one is essential. Distributed audio systems are more cost-effective, and their price is relative to the number of speakers used and the size of the area to be covered. This makes them an excellent choice for small businesses or those with a tight budget. On the other hand, performance audio systems are more expensive because of their superior sound quality and advanced technology. These systems are usually designed to provide exceptional coverage and longer-lasting service and are worth the investment for larger businesses, high-end commercial applications, and performance spaces such as group fitness exercise studios.

In conclusion, the choice between distributed audio and audio performance systems depends on various factors, including your business’s size, budget, space, desired quality, and maintenance requirements. While distributed audio systems are more cost-effective and user-friendly, performance audio systems offer exceptional sound quality and optimal acoustic coverage. Whatever choice you make, implementing an audio system in your commercial business can help to create the perfect atmosphere, improving the overall customer experience. Contact AV Now Pro today to explore the endless possibilities!

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